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Saturday 12th October 2024

Building A Float?



Are you thinking of entering a float into this year’s Carnival? Below you will find answers to some common questions that will help you get started. Building a Carnival float can be a great project & doesn’t have to be expensive if you work as a group &  plan things together. It can also be a great social project during the planning stages, if you work with friends & family.

Q    What do I need to make a Carnival Float?

A    You will need either a flatbed Lorry or a trailer, a tractor, a generator, lighting, plus wood & or cardboard, paint, plus some items for props & fancy dress.

Q    What about Red Diesel?

A    We have sought advice from the police on this issue, & we are happy to advise you if you intend to use an agricultural vehicle. Please contact one of the committee listed for further advice.

Q    I do not have access to any of the above, so how do I get hold of them?

A    Speak to people, get together with friends & family, someone always knows someone else who has many of the items needed. If you contact your local farmer & ask them if they can help you, many are happy to let you have access to a tractor & trailer.

Q    Is it going to be costly?

A    There will obviously be some cost involved, but be resourceful. Working as a group can often reduce much of the cost, if you all work together.

Q    What about Health & Safety?

A    Yes there are H&S issues & we give all entries the basic simple rules we ask you to follow, but these rules really are common sense. As event organisers we want everyone to be safe, including those taking part, & the public who watch, but also to have fun.

Q    When do I start making my float?

A    The time to start thinking of making a float is ideally a four or five months before the carnival. Again working as a group you can start to collect the things you need, then put your ideas together with an aim at starting to build the float approx. two weeks before carnival.

Q    Do I need Insurance?

A    No, there is no need for you to take out additional insurance. Again providing you adhere to the simple H&S rules, act responsibly etc, you will be fine & you will have great fun. The provider of your vehicle will need to be covered for the vehicle insurance.

Q    I still have some questions so who can I speak to?

A    Contact one of the Carnival Committee who will be more than happy to help & advise you. Please see the contact page on this website.  

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